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How We Can Help Weather Forecasters

ForecastWatch.com by Intellovations can help you provide better forecasts for your customers and clients. We can do that by providing you important information on how your forecasting and the NWS models are compared to actual. We can provide you with statistical tools and historical data to see how your forecasts are improving.

You have always competed with the NWS, but now the competitive landscape is getting more crowded, as technology improves and customers become more demanding. We can help you differentiate yourself in the new marketplace, as well as work with you to develop solutions to help you with performance analysis and model improvement. We can provide you with pdf reports for your sales and marketing teams, and provide technical data for your meteorological staff and management.

With the large amount of forecast and actual weather data captured by ForecastWatch.com, there are plenty of opportunities for data mining and quality verification. Intellovations can work with you to develop a quality assurance program that will help you improve your presentation quality which will only make your customers happier.

How We Can Help Weather Forecast Consumers

Intellovations understands that a one degree error in a temperature forecast can mean thousands of dollars to your business. We can help you not only understand your weather risk and the reliability of your forecasts, but can work with you to improve their accuracy. We can work with your meteorologists and third-party forecast providers to create consensus forecasts. We can also tailor solutions using genetic algorithms, neural networks, and other advanced optimization strategies.