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Who Gives the Best Weather Forecast article references ForecastWatch Data

Which weather forecasters are best at predicting precipitation and accurate temperatures article by Ben Potter of AgWeb uses data provided in ForecastWatch Report (http://forecastwatch.com/static/Three_Region_Overview_2010_201606.pdf). Article link http://www.agweb.com/article/who-gives-the-best-weather-forecasts-naa-ben-potter/


ForecastWatch data is referenced for companies and apps that have the most accurate forecasts

ForecastWatch data (http://forecastwatch.com/static/Three_Region_Overview_2010_201606.pdf) is used in a Washington Post article on companies and apps with the most accurate forecasts (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2016/12/28/these-are-the-companies-and-apps-that-have-the-most-accurate-forecasts/?utm_term=.1e532a48093a).


Three Region Accuracy Overview

ForecastWatch releases a Three Region Accuracy Overview for time period 2010 through June 2016. Forecasts from eleven different providers were collected that included forecasts from 2010 through June of 2016 for the United States, and from 2013 through June of 2016 for Asia-Pacific and Europe. Accuracy was measured as the combination of the percentage of high temperature forecasts within three degrees, the percentage of low temperature forecasts within three degrees, and the percent correct of precipitation forecasts.


One- to Five Day-Out Global Temperature Forecast Analysis Released

This report analyses one- to five-day-out high, low, and overall temperature forecasts across the globe for the period of January through June of 2016. Forecasts were collected from six top global providers of consumer weather forecasts. The results list the six providers, expressed in absolute mean error, for high temperature, low and overall (high and low combined) temperature forecasts.


This weather app will give you the most accurate weather forecasts

Major weather services can range in their ability to predict rain and temperatures in a certain place by more than 25 percentage points, so picking the right app could make all the difference.


ForecastWatch Analysis of Combined One- to Five-Day-Out Global Temperature Forecasts

ForecastWatch collected one- to five-day-out high and low temperature forecasts from six top global providers of consumer weather forecasts in 2015. Almost 11.7 million high and low temperature forecasts were collected for 1,148 locations throughout the world and compared against the 7am to 7pm local-time high temperature and 7pm to 8am local-time low temperature recorded by the observation station at each location. Full report can be accessed here - http://forecastwatch.com/static/Global_Temperatures_One_to_Five_Day_Out_2015.pdf Press release by AccuWeather: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/forecastwatch-releases-new-global-report-recognizing-accuweather-for-its-accuracy-leadership/57831090


ForecastWatch Report Released the Results of a Six-Month Report for One-Day to Five-Day High Temperature Forecasts in the US

ForecastWatch,released the results of a six-month report for one-day to five-day high temperature forecasts, ranking the top providers of consumer weather forecasts in the United States. Temperature is a main weather forecast data point for consumers and businesses that significantly impacts decisions across activities and industries, closely evaluated in this study. In an independent and objective analysis, ForecastWatch collected over 4.7 million forecasts for 792 locations for the first six months of 2015 and compared them with the high temperature observations that occurred during each forecast day. ForecastWatch Report can be viewed here http://www.forecastwatch.com/static/USHighTempsJanJun2015.pdf Press release by AccuWeather can be read at http://www.accuweather.com/en/press/53786127


One- to Five Day-Out High Temperature Forecast Report Released by ForecastWatch

ForecastWatch released the results of a six-month report for one-day to five-day high temperature forecasts, ranking the top providers of consumer weather forecasts in the United States. AccuWeather's forecasts were ranked number one in the study's evaluations on the most accurate high temperature forecasts. Read more in the following article http://www.accuweather.com/en/press/53786127


ForecastWatch Three Region High Temperature Study Released

Three Region High Temperature Study Released


10 Things Weather Forecasters Won't Tell You

Inside the high-stakes game of guessing whether it will rain tomorrow


ForecastWatch Studies referred in most accurate provider of precipitation and short-term temperature forecasts article

ForecastWatch Studies, Long-Term Analysis of Short-Term Probability of Precipitation Forecasts (http://www.forecastwatch.com/static/Short_Term_POP_Accuracy_2014.pdf) and Long-Term Analysis of Short-Term High Temperature Forecasts (http://www.forecastwatch.com/static/HighTemps2006-2014.pdf) are referred in most accurate provider of precipitation and short-term temperature forecasts article in the Disaster Recovery Journal. Click here for the article: http://www.drj.com/industry/industry-press-releases/schneider-electric-top-weather-forecasting-service-eight-years-running.html


Searching for the Best Weather App Among Weather Underground, Weatherbug and More

ForecastWatch runs ForecastAdvisor, a site that lets you plug in your ZIP code and track the accuracy of forecasts from major weather services. Click the following link for the article: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/11/technology/personaltech/in-search-of-the-ideal-weather-app.html


ForecastAdvisor Data Used in Gawker Article

New Gawker article uses http://ForecastAdvisor.com data to look at weather forecasting in the U.S.


ForecastWatch and the U.S. Government Shutdown

As most of you know, the United States entered a "partial shutdown" on October 1. Leaving politics aside I wanted to discuss with you how this affects ForecastWatch.


Groundhog Day 2012

I tried to do a comprehensive search of Groundhog predictions this year, and came up with 52!


Weather Underground's BestForecast

Weather Underground has rolled out their BestForecast for the United States.


Article In Wall Street Journal About Weather Forecasting

A great article by Sue Shellengbarger about the difficulty of weather forecasting. Eric is quoted.


ForecastWatch maintenance April 30, 2010

ForecastWatch will be unavailable from 8pm EDT Friday, April 30 through 11pm EDT Sunday, May 2 for maintenance.


ForecastWatch Server Move

We are moving ForecastAdvisor and ForecastWatch websites to a new, bigger, more powerful server today.


ForecastWatch Founder On Bloomberg TV

Eric Floehr was interviewed on Bloomberg TV on the 1pm news hour. The segment discussed how weather forecasts can be used in investing and trading, and how weather strongly affects consumer decisions and the economy.


Ten Things Your Weather Forecaster Won't Tell You

The August 2009 issue of SmartMoney Magazine featured an article called "10 Things Your Weather Forecaster Won't Tell You". Eric Floehr and ForecastAdvisor were mentioned prominently in that article.


ForecastWatch.com Study Ranks Weather Predictability for U.S. Cities

ForecastWatch.com recently published a new study ranking weather forecast accuracy and temperature variability of more than 600 U.S. cities. The report, "Best Places to Live or Work If You Need to Know What the Weather Will Be Like Tomorrow," is free to people who depend on accurate weather information.


World Meteorological Day 2005

Wednesday, March 23, is World Meteorological Day. To all meteorologists


CustomWeather Turns to ForecastWatch.com For Accuracy Data

CustomWeather was interested in the accuracy of their probability of precipitation forecasts. Naturally, they turned to ForecastWatch.com, the only company that provides ongoing weather forecast accuracy information to meteorologists, utilities and energy companies, the agriculture industry, and anyone whose reputation or business depends on being right about the weather.


ForecastWatch.com In The News

ForecastWatch.com provided statistics used in Springfield (Mass.) Republican Newspaper, in an article titled "Forecasts Can Get Cloudy".