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The ForecastWatch.com Compare product provides you with basic high- and low-temperature forecast accuracy statistics for 1-3, 3-5, and 1-5 day-out forecasts. You may view statistics on a regional, national, state, or city level, comparing forecast providers. A national graphic can show how you or your forecast provider compares with another. These reports can be viewed interactively online, or a PDF copy can be generated that you can incorporate with your sales literature.

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The ForecastWatch.com Drilldown product is geared towards meteorologists, research and development, and operational staff of weather forecasters and companies who depend on knowing the accuracy of their forecasts. It provides additional accuracy metrics, finer granularity of aggregations, and the ability to download CSV-formatted files for input into analysis software or spreadsheets.

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The ForecastWatch.com Quality product is a tool for the web operations staff of any weather forecasting company that wants to present an accurate, bug-free, quality face to your customers. With our ability to capture large amounts of web data and near-real-time analysis, we can give you quick feedback of any problems you have with your forecasts or web presentation.

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