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CustomWeather Turns to ForecastWatch.com For Accuracy Data

CustomWeather (http://www.customweather.com) is a San Francisco based provider of syndicated weather content that combines the worlds of technology and weather. They also produce the http://www.myforecast.com site. Recently, they were interested in the accuracy of their probability of precipitation forecasts. Naturally, they turned to ForecastWatch.com, the only company that provides ongoing weather forecast accuracy information to meteorologists, utilities and energy companies, the agriculture industry, and anyone whose reputation or business depends on being right about the weather. ForecastWatch.com was able to collect, validate, analyze, and audit 1.4 million one- to five-day out probability of precipitation forecasts and actuals from 839 locations within the United States from February 2004 through January 2005. The results of that work can be seen here: http://www.forecastwatch.com/docs/CustomWeather_POP_Accuracy_2004 ForecastWatch.com helps meteorologists, businesses, and consumers improve the accuracy and quality of weather forecasts, evaluate weather forecast providers, provide ongoing weather forecast accuracy information, and educate clients about weather forecasting and weather forecast accuracy. ForecastWatch.com is more than just an interactive weather forecast accuracy website. The ForecastWatch.com "accuracy information system" can be used to perform custom analyses and reports like the one above. ForecastWatch.com's superior validation and auditing processes ensure that the data is accurate and of the highest quality. If you have not considered ForecastWatch.com for your custom accuracy reporting needs, please do so. We are proud that ForecastWatch.com is helping people every day, and we hope that we can help you too. Please contact ForecastWatch.com today at (614) 440-0130 or info@forecastwatch.com to discuss your needs. Have a great day! The ForecastWatch Team