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ForecastWatch.com Study Ranks Weather Predictability for U.S. Cities

ForecastWatch.com, the weather forecast accuracy authority, recently published a new study ranking weather forecast accuracy and temperature variability of more than 600 U.S. cities. The report, "Best Places to Live or Work If You Need to Know What the Weather Will Be Like Tomorrow," is free to people who depend on accurate weather information. "Our scientific weather forecast accuracy calculations and extensive auditing process ensure that the data ForecastWatch.com provides, including the results of this study, are extremely reliable," said Eric Floehr, founder of ForecastWatch.com. "If you want or need predictable temperatures, this study will show you where to find them." ForecastWatch.com evaluated the accuracy of over five million one- to five-day out high and low temperature weather forecasts from CustomWeather (http://www.MyForecast.com), Accuweather (http://www.accuweather.com), The Weather Channel (http://www.weather.com), Intellicast (http://www.intellicast.com) and the National Weather Service (http://www.weather.gov). Temperature variability was determined by calculating how much the daily high and low temperature changed each day from one- to five-days out. Honolulu, Hawaii ranked first, followed by Key West, Florida. In fact, 19 of the top 20 cities are in Hawaii, Florida, or California. North Dakota has the most variable temperatures and the most weather forecast error, with 5 of the bottom 10 cities. ForecastWatch.com helps meteorologists improve their weather forecasts and allows business owners and individuals to make better weather-related decisions. Owned and operated by Intellovations, LLC, ForecastWatch.com provides weather forecast accuracy information to meteorologists, utility and energy companies, the agriculture industry, weather traders, and anyone whose reputation or business depends on being right about the weather. Intellovations specializes in developing large-scale data collection and analysis systems, Internet-based software, and scientific and educational applications. To download the results of the study free-of-charge, including the ranks of all 689 places rated, please visit http://www.forecastwatch.com/premium/bestplaces2005. For more information about ForecastWatch.com or to arrange for an interview, please visit http://www.forecastwatch.com.