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World Meteorological Day 2005

Wednesday, March 23, is World Meteorological Day, celebrating the creation in 1950 of the World Meteorological Organization. Here at ForecastWatch.com, we'd like to expand the celebration to include all meteorologists. Meteorologists, and the science of meteorology, has advanced rapidly since 1950. Thanks to their continuing pursuit of better forecasts and for a better understanding of the weather all around us, the world has benefited greatly. Thousands of lives and millions, perhaps billions, of dollars have been saved. So on Wednesday, please remember the contributions meteorologists all over the world have made to saving lives, improving the economy, and enhancing the quality of life. And if you can, thank them for the great job they do. To all the meteorologists: Thank you, from ForecastWatch.com. We are proud to be able to help you. Have a wonderful day! The ForecastWatch Team http://www.forecastwatch.com