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Ten Things Your Weather Forecaster Won't Tell You

The August 2009 issue of SmartMoney Magazine (http://www.smartmoney.com/smartmoney-magazine/?issue=2009-08) featured an article called 10 Things Your Weather Forecaster Won't Tell You" [1]_. It was a well-researched article with a number of good points. The ten things are: * "Long-term forecast? Your guess is as good as ours." * "We’re pretty accurate—as long as the sun is shining." * "We’re often more show biz than science." * "Our high-tech gizmos do everything but predict weather." * "Want the temperature? Don’t ask the National Weather Service." * "Weather is big business." * "Bad weather means big ratings..." * "...and it’s always bad during sweeps week." * "Accuracy? Who cares." * "Weather is recessionproof." ForecastAdvisor is mentioned prominently. It's a very good article and definitely worth the time to read. .. [1] http://www.smartmoney.com/spending/rip-offs/10-things-your-weather-forecaster-won-t-tell-you/?page=all