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ForecastWatch Analysis of Combined One- to Five-Day-Out Global Temperature Forecasts

ForecastWatch collected one- to five-day-out high and low temperature forecasts from six top global providers of consumer weather forecasts in 2015. Almost 11.7 million high and low temperature forecasts were collected for 1,148 locations throughout the world and compared against the 7am to 7pm local-time high temperature and 7pm to 8am local-time low temperature recorded by the observation station at each location. Full report can be accessed here - http://forecastwatch.com/static/Global_Temperatures_One_to_Five_Day_Out_2015.pdf Press release by AccuWeather: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/forecastwatch-releases-new-global-report-recognizing-accuweather-for-its-accuracy-leadership/57831090